Doctors and Staff

Dr. Marjorie Fong

Hello, my name is Marjorie Fong and I am Vet Care Pet Clinic’s primary veterinarian. I am a native Southern Californian who grew up in the Los Angeles area in Walnut, CA. I am proud to say that I have been working with animals for over 45 years. I received my BA of Animal Science from California State Polytechnic University Pomona in 1984. I then attended the University of Minnesota and received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1990.

Becoming a veterinarian was my lifelong dream. I feel privileged to have this opportunity to share my expertise and I continue to enjoy helping the animals and people around me. It also gives me the opportunity to have hundreds of cat and dog friends!
In my spare time, I travel the world and have visited all 7 continents! Antarctica was amazing! My other hobbies would consist of food, cooking, and crafting. At the end of the day I get to share my house with 3 cat boys and a human sister!

Amaleena Chhan
Veterinarian Assistant

I recently joined the Vet Care Pet Clinic team! I have 5 years of experience working with animals. I want to help all creatures big and small so I aspire to become a Veterinarian in the future. I have two wonderful German Shepherds named J.D. and Fuzz and a fluffy husky named Ace.

Laurie Fisher
Client Service Representative

I began my career with Vet Care 18 years ago because of my love for animals. I have been with this company for so long because of the love and compassion the team has for each other and the pets we work with and after all this time it feels like my second family! I have two pets, a cat, Riley and a sixteen-year-old Shih Tzu, Chloe. Although I love all kinds of animals they like to call me the crazy cat lady!

Denise Burns
Client Service Representative

I have been with Vet Care for 13 years. I am passionate about animals and always wanted to work with them in some way and aspired to become a Veterinarian. I don’t currently have any pets but all the ones that walk through our door, I love them as if they were my own. When I retire, I want to adopt a therapy dog.

Terri Pfenning
Client Service Representative

I have worked for Vet Care for 3 years. I have always loved animals and was fortunate enough to be recommended to this company by a friend. I have three special fur babies. A long-haired cat that was rescued twelve years ago named Angel, a terrier mix named Oliver, and our husky mix Shyla. Dogs and cats will always be my favorite! Especially puppies…puppy breath and all!

Kyle Pfenning
Veterinarian Assistant

I have been with Vet Care for 3 years. I have always been an animal lover so this job is the best fit for me. I have two dogs, Shyla, a husky mix and Oliver, a terrier mix, as well as a domestic short hair cat named Angel. My favorite animal of all time is a Koala!

Joshua Moore
Veterinary Technician

I have 10 years of experience working for Vet Care. I have always wanted to work with animals so when the opportunity came along I took the chance.  I enjoy that every day is a learning experience as well. I have many pets that we call it our little zoo. I have two American Pitbull Terriers, a male named Atreyu and a female named Luna. I have two Bearded dragons, a male named Petrie and a female named Beetlejuice. I also have a few fish tanks with one Oscar, a Green Terror, an eclipse catfish, two blue rams, and five yellow rams. My favorite animal would have to be my dogs, there is nothing better than their unconditional love.

Annie Kim
Veterinarian Assistant

I have been with Vet Care for a little over 1 year. I got into the veterinary medicine field because becoming a veterinarian has always been my dream job for as long as I can remember. I am currently taking pre-requisite courses at a university to further pursue my dream and go to veterinarian school. My favorite animal is a Tiger.

Carson Sowa
Client Service Representative

I have been with Vet Care for 7 years. I got involved in the veterinarian business because of my love for all animals. I have two pets of my own. An eleven-year-old Chihuahua named Jojo and a three-year-old Tabby named Baby. My favorite animal would have to be a dog, specifically my Chihuahua’s!