As a pet owner, you probably only have two goals when it comes to taking care of your dog: keeping them happy and keeping them healthy. A happy dog means they’ll always be there to greet you when you come in the door and being healthy means they’ll always have the energy to run and play. Here at VetCare Pet Clinic, it’s our top priority to keep your pet healthy all year long so that they can lead the best life possible. Give us a call today for an appointment or read on to learn some helpful tips.

Maintain An Exercise Routine

Just like you, your dog needs to maintain a healthy exercise routine. The only difference is that many dogs need even more exercise than their human owners. It’s very important that you understand the tendencies of your dog’s breed to determine how much exercise they need. Some dogs are also much better on a leash whereas others may prefer to roam around without a leash. If you do let your dog off of its leash, just be sure you’re in an area where this is allowed.

Oral Hygiene Matters

Also like humans, dogs can get cavities and develop other dental issues such as gingivitis and periodontal disease which can lead to tooth loss. You should try to brush your dog’s teeth at least once a week, however, if they’re too hyper and you aren’t able to, you’re going to need to take them to a vet to have them cleaned and checked. Even if you do brush them routinely, you should have your dog’s teeth checked regularly by your veterinarian.

Medication and Vaccinations

Ensuring your dog has all the right shots, vaccinations, and medications will help them stay healthier longer. One convenient way to make sure your dog has all the right medication and vaccinations is to take them to a mobile clinic. Mobile veterinary clinics offer the same great benefits of regular vet office visits but they may be more convenient for you. If you’d like to learn more about our mobile clinic here at VetCare Pet Clinic, visit our site today.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Above all else, you should never ignore the warning signs that your dog may be unhealthy. If your dog is acting less energetic or happy than usual, it may be that there is some underlying health condition that is affecting their mood. Ultimately, it is better to be safe than sorry and take them to see a vet right away.

Contact VetCare Pet Clinic

VetCare Pet Clinic is your top mobile vet clinic here in Garden Grove. The above are just a few of the ways you can keep your dog happy and healthy all year long. It’s important to remember that just because your dog can’t tell you how they’re feeling doesn’t mean they aren’t facing an underlying health condition. Get in touch with our veterinarians today if you need to schedule an appointment or want to learn more about us.