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Welcome back to the veterinarians blog for VetCare Pet Clinic. Our veterinary services are enhanced by our patient care and bedside manner. In addition to our full-time veterinary hospital services, we also have several mobile clinics around California to care for your pets. We offer a full-line of vaccines for you dog or cat to keep them safe from infections and diseases. Our Vetcare mobile clinics also have heartworm services, featuring Heartgard Plus®. Two of the main services offered at our clinics are spaying and neutering. We also have a pre-surgical health screen that we recommend for pets who are over five years old.

We are going to focus on our spaying and neutering services for this blog entry as a closely relates to a question we received for our veterinary services advice column. One of the things we like to use our blog for is to answer questions from our customers, as well as the general public.  Thus, we will answer this result question we received as it is not only timely for many of our clients and patients,  it is also very similar to questions we hear at our clinics and hospitals.

Dear Spay and Neuter Veterinarians,

We have an 8-month-old black Labrador. We had a pretty hectic couple of months recently so we did not get are Labrador, Big Max,  into  one of your vet hospital or mobile clinics in the area.  I have heard that you are supposed to get dogs spayed or neutered no later than when they turn six months old. However, I would like to know if Big Max will be at a bigger health risk in a month when we get him in there. Is the six-month mark accurate  get dogs neutered or is it some other age?  Thank you for answering my questions.


Gauging Our Options in Garden Grove


Dear Gauging,

Thank you for asking this important question about neutering your dog. There is a lot of misinformation out there so we always appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight. It is certainly not required to have your dog spayed or neutered by 6 months of age, but it is definitely advisable to do so. It is not so much for health reasons so much as it is to prevent male dogs from marking their territory with urine and to prevent female dogs from getting pregnant. Other characteristics of dogs who have not been sterilized include howling, barking, and roaming to find a mate, which can lead to fighting. In other words, it is not too late for Big Max, and he will be better behaved what you can get them and here for his surgery.

In addition to our pet hospital in Garden Grove, we have over 20 locations in Southern California, including 11 mobile clinics in Los Angeles County, eight mobile clinics and Orange County, and two mobile clinics in San Bernardino.

We hope this has answered your questions. Please contact us to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.


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