It’s that time of year again where we reach record high temperatures and we’re doing everything we can to avoid going outside, instead, staying inside with the air conditioning. But how are our pets holding up in these conditions? After all, most of them do have a hefty coat of fur all over their bodies unlike us. To us, this would be like wearing a thin coat on a hot day. So what can we do to help them out during this time of year? Unfortunately, many pets don’t realize the dangers of heat exhaustion and might still run wild even on the hottest days, so it’s up to us, their owners to make sure they stay safe. Keep reading to learn more.

Always Take Water

Many people like to take their pets wherever they go, and there’s nothing wrong with that, you just need to make sure their needs are met. If you’re going on a hike or you’re going to be away from home for a while, no matter what you’re doing, bring enough water for your dog. On top of that, bring something for them to drink out of. It may seem like pouring water in their mouth is a good idea at first, but most of that water will end up on the ground and not in their mouth.

Never Leave Them In The Car

You’ve heard horror stories of people having to break into cars in order to rescue a dog that was left in there by their neglectful owner. It’s a disturbing thought, but animals, especially ones with fur, will not last long in a car with no air conditioner running or windows rolled down on a hot day. However, even with windows cracked, that may not be enough to prevent your pet from getting seriously ill. Try to avoid leaving your pet in your car in the heat for any amount of time.

Know Their Limits

Like we stated previously, some animals don’t understand their limits and that’s why you have to understand them for them. It’s not that they aren’t intelligent, but sometimes, if they’ve been held up inside all day they’ll get excited and want to play constantly. It’s good to let them play, just make sure they aren’t overdoing it.

Avoid Midday Exercises

If at all possible, try to avoid running or biking with your dog during the middle or the end of the day. This is when temperatures reach their highest points of the day which aren’t ideal conditions for a dog to be running in. When you’re biking with your dog, it’s hard to tell just how hard you’re working them since you have wheels to help you out! Instead for a morning or nighttime bike ride.

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