The love you have for your dog runs deep. Your furry fido is more than a dog to you, their your best friend, a family member even. But it’s important that you’re constantly tending to their health needs. From making sure they get enough food and water, to getting them exercise, and check ups with their pet clinic. These are all favors that you owe to your dog, and there are many other ones as well. Here are some tips for keeping your pup in the best of health possible.


  1. Frequent Baths – Oftentimes, people write off giving their dog a bath because it’s a bit of a messy task. But they also tend to think that their dog doesn’t need a bath all that often because they’re just a dog. Give your dog the frequent baths they need to help keep their skin and coat healthy.
  2. Exercise – Making sure your dog is getting enough exercise can be hard to know. However, when you start to notice your pet gaining weight, it probably means that they aren’t getting the exercise that they need. A dog’s mental health and behavior is dependant upon the amount of exercise they get from their owner, so keep your dog in shape and happy.
  3. Frequent visits to their veterinary clinic – Making sure you get your dog a pet physical on a frequent basis can help you and your pet. It will help you to stay on top of their health, and if your pet should be suffering any underlying problems, a physical can help detect and issue in its early stages.


There are multiple ways to keep your dog healthy but these are just a few. If you’re looking to get your dog into a pet vet, contact VetCare Pet Clinic for an appointment, and stay tuned for upcoming blogs for more dog health tips.