July 4th is a time for celebration with family and friends with cookouts and fireworks.... BUT, your dog and cat friends may NOT feel like celebrating. If you did not know, July 4th and 5th are the busiest days at emergency hospitals and animal shelters because of the noise of the fireworks, as well as, the BBQ Food scraps that can harm them. Many dogs will panic SO much that they go over fence…Read More

  2. Benefits of Microchipping your pet.

      As we all go through our daily lives, we encounter less than desireable occurrences. One of those problems that we might run into with our family is that the family pet had escaped from the home while you were all gone at work and school. Believe it or not, this is a highly frequent occurrence, and many families end up having pets that are repeat offenders. If this story sounds all too fami…Read More

  3. How often should you walk your dog?

    For many pet owners, taking their dog for a walk is an enjoyable experience, where they get to bond with their pet and enjoy the outdoors. But for most pet owners, taking your dog for a walk everyday isn’t something that you always have time for. If this tends to be your personal reality, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The amount of time that your pet spends outside is dependent upon a few d…Read More