Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at VetCare Pet Clinic. This is part two of our blog series on exercising your dog. Last time, we talked about running, camping, flyball, exercise courses, and hiking. This time, we’ll cover several more forms of exercise. In the meantime, if you need a pet clinic for your dog, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with VetCare Pet Clinic.

Go hunting

Do you have a hunting dog? Hunting dogs include breeds like Brittanys, Springers, and German Shorthaired Pointers. These breeds love to hunt and are often never content being cooped up inside for long periods of time. Although these dogs love going on walks, they prefer to hunt because it’ll give their nose a workout as much as the rest of their body.

Play fetch

If you’re don’t have time to go on any major adventures with your dog, you can still play fetch with them every once in a while to get them a little more exercise. If you’re having trouble teaching your dog to play fetch, here are a couple tips to get you started.

Chasing – If your dog tends to sit and stare when you throw something for him/her, you’re going to need to teach them to chase. Using verbal cues may help for some dogs, but may not be as effective with others. You can try chasing after the toy after you throw it to encourage them or even lay a treat on the object. This will teach your dog that the idea of the game is to grab the object after it’s thrown.

Retrieving – Without returning the object to you, your dog isn’t really playing fetch. Many dog owners find that their dogs will chase after the object and pick it up. But they usually end up playing with it and then getting distracted by something else or playing keep away with you. In order to avoid this, keep a treat hidden. Once they pick up the toy, reveal the treat to them. If they bring the toy back to you, give them the treat and keep repeating this exercise. If they drop it and run to you, walk over to them and put the object in their mouth before you give them the treat.

Dog park

Going to the dog park can be great exercise for a lot of dogs depending on how sociable they are. Sociable dogs tend to let loose a lot when they’re at a dog park and will get a fair amount of exercise. However, if your dog is less sociable or they’re getting old, this may not be the best option for them. If you take your dog to the park often, make sure to keep an eye on them. Although most dogs will get along just fine, you can never be certain they’ll get along with dogs they’ve never met before.

Rehab exercises

If your dog is recovering from an injury, chances are, these exercises won’t be great for your dog. Canine physical therapy clinics are great if you want to provide your dog with the best experience and get back into shape after an injury.


Hydrotherapy is commonly used to help dogs recover from injury and learn to walk and run again. It’s important to ease your dog back into an active lifestyle again because if you don’t, they might injure themselves further.


Wheelchairs allow your dogs to maintain a healthy life full of exercise while their legs are recovering. If you think this may be the best option for your dog, be sure to speak with your local veterinarian to see what other options are available to you.

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