Welcome back to the VetCare Pet Clinic blog! We hope that you and all of your pets are doing great during this winter season! Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do with your dog during the winter. After all, it can be so brisk outside that you may not even want to go out yourself. This is why we are to give you some new and exciting things to do with your dog during the wintertime!

Take Them Somewhere Snowy

Here in Garden Grove, it is typically pretty mild weather in comparison to the rest of the country, but that means that your dog is probably missing out on all the winter fun that could be had! If you have been located here in southern California since your dog was born, then it would be a fun day or weekend trip to take them up to Big Bear and have them experience the snowy landscape. Your dog will have a ton of fun trouncing around in the snow. It will also be a nice change of pace for you and your family to get up and go somewhere new. 

When you go along, bring a frisbee or a ball so they can have an extra great time playing fetch with you in the snow. You will be glad you did because the memories and pictures that you made with your dog will continue to make you smile throughout the rest of your life.

Go For A Walk

This is great for a dog no matter what time of year it is, but this is especially true during the winter. Dogs can oftentimes experience depression just like humans can and winter is one of those times where getting out and walking around can completely change how your dog is feeling on a regular basis. It is said that humans just need at least two hours a week to gain benefits from the great outdoors, which can also be applied to dogs. 

This means that taking your dog for a walk on a puppy treadmill isn’t always going to cut it. Make sure to take them outside on a regular basis so that your dog can remain happy and healthy, even during the wintertime!

Make Treats A Fun Playtime

Giving a dog a treat can make them extremely happy, but giving them a treat that they have to work for will do wonders for your dog. For instance, you can get a toy that has a small hole in it in which you can put peanut butter in. This will keep your dog happy for hours and hours on end as they attempt to get all the peanut butter out of it. 

You can also give them a treat that they have to really work such as rawhide bones or something similar. These are great treats for your dogs that improve their teeth, gives them something to work on even when you aren’t around to entertain them and can make them feel loved for getting items from you.

Take Them To The Gym

You read that right. Now there are gyms for your furry friend too. These gyms include yoga with your dog, leash exercises, and even Tai Chi. While it is mostly focused on getting you and your dog to the gym to work out together, they usually offer training exercises as well. These will be along the lines of leash and begging training so if your dog is young and still needs training, it is a great place to start with them.

Schedule A Play-Date

If you know another dog family, it can often be a fun exercise to get them out with other dogs. Dogs need social interaction just as much as a human does. This will allow both your dog and you to have social interaction that we often neglect during the wintertime. You can take them to a doggy park, out for a walk, or even have them over for a good time in your own backyard. 

If you don’t have any friends that have a dog in their family, you can take your dog to a daycare for a day. This will allow them to have the social interaction that they need without having to schedule it with anybody. As much as you will miss your dog that day, it’s a safe bet that they will have a great time and will love you all the better for doing it for them.

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Even though winter is here, that doesn’t mean you should neglect any of your animal’s issues that they are having. Contact us today for all of your pet clinic in Garden Grove’s needs! We look forward to seeing you on our next VetCare Pet Clinic blog!