As we all go through our daily lives, we encounter less than desireable occurrences. One of those problems that we might run into with our family is that the family pet had escaped from the home while you were all gone at work and school. Believe it or not, this is a highly frequent occurrence, and many families end up having pets that are repeat offenders. If this story sounds all too familiar, then maybe you should consider contacting your local veterinarian, to have your pet microchipped. Here are some things you and your family, as well as your pet, could benefit from a pet microchip.


  1. Tracking – Because a microchip is programmed to track the animal, you can easily find your pet when they magically escape. It provides an easy way to locate the pet when they’re out and running around.
  2. Safety – A pet microchip helps to keep them safe. Oftentimes, the dog microchip can also hold medical information about your pet, so that if they end up getting hurt during their escape, your veterinarian clinic will have access to vital information regarding your pet’s medical history and overall health.
  3. Great For Diggers – If your pet has a habit of digging underneath your fence to break free from their yard, this is a great way to cope with your pet’s bad behavior.

If you have a pet that loves to run away whenever they get the chance, we highly recommend getting a pet microchip. Not only will it help keep your pet safe, but it will help keep your furry friend a happy and healthy part of your family. Visit your local pet clinic for more information today!